The Voice Kids (Netherlands TV series)

The Voice Kids was a Dutch television program produced by Talpa Productions and is broadcast on RTL 4. It is based on The Voice of Holland. Participation is only open to children between the ages of six and fourteen years.

The show consists of four phases: production audition, Blind Audition, The Battles and the final. The production auditions are not filmed here and only the good singers are selected. When Idols and Popstars X Factor they then audition for the judges, but with The Voice Kids they do a blind audition. Which is similar to the theater rounds out the previously mentioned talent shows. During the blind auditions to choose the three judges / coaches singers based on musicality and voice. Each candidate will have the opportunity about a minute to sing a song of your choice. As one of the judges / coaches decide to place the artist in his or her team, he or she must own „I Want You“ button again. When two or more jurors an artist in his or her team to have, the artist may choose with which coach he or she wants to.

When all the candidates have done their number, will the coaches with their artists to the next round. These are „The Battles“. Each coach combines three singers together to will battle against each other together to sing a song chosen by the coach. can go only one singer from each battle. Whoever it is, decides the „Dream Team“ in addition to the coach consists of one person. The act that goes directly go to the „Sing Off“. Each team will have five acts in the Sing Off. Since all candidates must sing a song from the audition. Each team only two acts should be chosen to go to the finals.

After The Battles should take six finalists survive in the final. They sing in consultation with their coach a dialed number. The audience at home can then vote on which act to go home. The coaches decide together with the audience at home that act is eliminated; they each have half of the votes. In the second season was only which act was eliminated at home by the public.

In the final stage, there is still one finalist per coach about. The winner will be named using televoting by the public at home to „The Voice Kids“.

The judges / coaches Marco Borsato, Nick & Simon and Angela Groothuizen published in 2011. VanVelzen could not participate in the jury because he would be during the shooting father. [2] Angela Groothuizen was appointed by John de Mol to also participate in the jury during the second season.

On April 17, 2015 said Nick & Simon at RTL Late Night quit familiar with The Voice Kids, because they have many other projects which receive priority.

Angela Groothuizen (2012–2015)

Nick & Simon (2012–2015)

Marco Borsato (2012–)

Ilse DeLange (2016–)

Ali B (2016–)

Winners are in bold, eliminated artists in smaller font. Final contestants listed first.